What Is Involved In A Healing Consult?

You will be guided to release and free past conditioning and traumas that keep you feeling unfulfilled, fearful and stuck. Releasing the accumulation of your past stresses, negative energies, emotions, toxins, traumas and shock.

Using Forensic Healing among other healing modalities Sue will clear your energy field on a DNA level accumulated from this lifetime, passed on from your ancestors, from past lives and on dimensional levels. 

Types of healing’s that are available are;

  • Sacred Ancestral Clearing & DNA Healing

  • Single Healing Consult

  • 4 Session Package Healing

  • 6 Session Package Healing

During the healing sessions Sue will clear and balance your chakras & auras and complete a soul re-connection and soul synergy to allow for access to higher consciousness. 

Is A Healing Consult For You?

If you suffer from any or multiple of the following ...

You lack motivation, you’re easily irritated, you can’t sleep, you’re having anxiety attacks, small things upset you, you feel an urge to cry, you feel dizzy and nauseous, you feel detached, unmotivated, repeated inappropriate urge to cry, can’t get off the couch, have you got joy in your life or is something missing?, smile less when your alone. happy face for others, emotionally exhausted, you neglect yourself , suffer in silence, never show your vulnerability, insecurities, fears, demons, isolated, live in the story, do you worry about everything? panic disorders, overweight.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are ready to reach your peak potential, Optimal Healing are ready to assist and guide you on your journey. Click on the booking button below to get started.

** Healing Consults for clients located in and around the Margaret River Region are available in person, for those outside of this region please know distant Healing Consults are available.